Hoang Hung

Step Up To A New Position In The Industry

In the context of the domestic steel market is still more fierce competition, many companies in the industry are facing many difficulties and obstacles due to the “freezing” of many works and projects. However, Hoang Hung Corp with strong strengths in investment and extensive research on the market and reputation over decades of operation has led the company to the successes that seem difficult to conquer.

The signing of cooperation with new partners in Asean and Asia has brought positive signs to Hoang Hung Mechanical and Electrical Corporation. With professionalism in steel structure production, Hoang Hung Corp continuously receives positive feedbacks from partners. Recently, the successful signing of project cooperation with Japanese partners – a market considered to be the most difficult and technically rigorous, has brought Hoang Hung Corp to a new position in the industry.

This is an opportunity to improve the capacity and qualification of Hoang Hung Corp. Passing the process of Japanese product quality inspection, as well as breaking through before other companies in the same industry, has helped Hoang Hung Corp gain more advantages in assessing product quality, manufacturing process.

At the same time, with this flourishing signal, Hoang Hung Electrical and Mechanical Corporation believes that it will gain more success in new markets.

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