Hoang Hung

Production Goal

As part of the overall development strategy, Hoang Hung Electrical and Mechanical Corporation always sets operating goals for each year. The Board of Directors always appreciates the positive efforts of each employee to achieve the set targets and strategies.

And besides committing to provide the market with quality and standard products, the Board of Directors of Hoang Hung Electrical  and Mechanical Corporation has set higher goals, meeting the needs of the market and customers.

Specifically, in the plan, production output must reach 14,000 tons with crude steel structure products. For the plating service lines, the company sets the quantity targets at 8,800 tons and 3,000 tons of paint – surface cleaning services.

With very specific numbers, we aim to provide the best production schedule and product quality to customers. Besides, it is beneficial for our employees and the development of the company.With the target plan set out in the year, Hoang Hung Electrical and Mechanical Corporation expects to achieve an annual revenue of 600 billions dong.

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