Hoang Hung


Becoming a leading group in Vietnam and ASEAN region in the field of manufacturing and distribution, providing mechanical and electrical services through a sustainable development strategy based on 5 core competitive advantages.

Closed production process.

Distribution system to consumers.

Building a sustainable corporate culture.

Building a brand chain with a professional business style for the benefit of the community.

Invest in technological innovation to bring the highest value to shareholders, employees and society.


Manufacturing and trading operate with the motto: the interests of customers, the interests of shareholders are always focused. The interests of employees are paid special attention, contributing effectively to the development of the industry and the country.

For Customers

Hoang Hung Electrical Mechanical Corporation is committed to maximizing the benefits of customers. Consulting and providing customers with perfect products, quality, professional services at competitive prices.

For Employees

Hoang Hung Electrical Mechanical Corporation always pays attention to the lives of its employees, ensuring income. Ensuring that employees are regularly trained to improve their professional qualifications and skills and create development opportunities.

For Industry and Country

Hoang Hung Electrical Mechanical Corporation is committed to fulfilling its obligations with the state budget, always complying with the management policies of the whole industry and the Government. Contribute to stabilizing the domestic steel market, always paying attention to social and charitable work to help the community’s difficulties.


  • Structural steel industry & civil
  • Electric iron tower
  • Substation stand
  • Electric & telecommunication accessories
  • Telecommunication post
  • Prefabricated factory
  • Steel mesh works
  • Industrial lifting system


  • Design
  • Technical advice
  • Processing and manufacturing
  • Erection
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Provide hot dip galvanizing service
  • Surface treatment / Paint
  • Steel supply
  • Road transport, waterway

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