Hoang Hung


Founded in 1999, Hoang Hung E&M Corporation staring its manufacturing of accessories of electric mechanical products which mainly supply for Vietnam nationwide transmission line projects.

When the brand name Hoang Hung was accepted and trusted by our Clients, the Company expanded its product to manufacture steel structure tower ie. transmission line steel tower; telecom steel structures, television broadcasting steel tower…

Simultaneously, Hoang Hung galvanizing service was launched to improve our production line becoming a Closed Loop Manufacturing Process (CLMP). This allows us to provide customers high quality products at competitive prices.

Today, Hoang Hung Corporation directly controls a network of 3 factories and 2 subsidiaries located in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and central provinces: Quang Nam, Da Nang. This network is able to provide various lines of product: from steel structure tower for transmission lines, television, telecom, industrial steel structures to galvanizing services, steel grating and industrial gantry cranes.

In addition, Hoang Hung E&M Corp assumes the position of a turnkey contractor in any projects within the steel-structure manufacturing field including engineering – design – manufacturingprocurement – delivery – erection – operation and maintenance.


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