The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just assigned departments and People’s Committees of 24 districts to direct investors of projects in Ho Chi Minh City to prioritize the use of construction materials with ash, slag, plaster.

Particularly, Department of Industry and Trade was assigned to review the list of thermal power plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants emitting ash, slag and gypsum. At the same time, it is to recover the landfill area that exceeds the storage area of the 2-year average production according to the size and capacity of each operating thermal power plant, fertilizer and chemical plant in the city.

Ho Chi Minh City encourages businesses to use ash, slag, plaster as raw materials to produce construction materials.

The agency also needs to inspect, supervise and promptly handle units, organizations and individuals that do not strictly comply with the regulations on management, handling and use of ash, slag, FGD and plaster. PG as raw materials for construction materials production. Deploying to the owners of emission facilities on the scheme of treating and consuming ash, slag and gypsum, ensuring that by 2020 the landfill area shall not exceed 2 years of average production as well as on organization of treatment. Consumption of ash, slag and gypsum generated during the production process.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee requested the Department of Science and Technology to order scientific and technological research projects, complete the technology to treat and use ash, slag, gypsum as raw materials for construction materials production and in construction works in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, it is necessary to propose preferential policies for research, application, test production projects and projects for the handling and use of ash, coal slag and gypsum.

It is known that the cause of this is due to the high sand prices and increasingly scarce. According to the Department of Construction Materials, the reason for the serious decline in sand production is because sand is used too much for leveling, instead of using ash, slag, waste materials from factories. At the same time, improper sand mining in many localities has led to high sand prices.

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