Hoang Hung

Business Development

With many years experience in manufacturing and manufacturing mechanical products Hoang Hung Corp always satisfied customers with products of international quality standards. Improving the quality of products and models with advanced and modern production technologies is always focused by the company. It is the importance of the standard rules in production and business that Hoang Hung Corp always receives the prestige and peace of mind from customers.

In the near future, Hoang Hung Company will continue to implement to diversify products to meet the needs of customers. Specifically, the company will focus on the goals of metal and paint surface treatment, grating and steel structure. In addition, business development in the area is also deeply concerned by the management. Especially for customers in markets such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, the maintenance of quantity and diversification of products and services provided must be implemented synchronously. And in the plan to reach customers in the near future, the company also mentioned caring and improving the quality of services with customers in major markets such as Japan, Europe and other regions.

With business criteria to do better than what customers expect, Hoang Hung Corp always attaches great importance to innovation in thinking, improvement of technology, quality, timely supply and adequate value. In the near future, the company will also provide services such as processing shotguns, paints, grating products, prefabricated steel, products and accessories, cables and construction and assembly.

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